Become a member of SRJmfWe welcome as well passive as active members.

 A membership is valid for the calender year 2019.



Our traffic includes steam and diesel powered trains and motor coach trains with several nice stops on the railway: 

Uppsala - Bärby - Marielund - Länna -
Almunge - Faringe

In addition, we have veteran buses to the Fjällnora recreation area.

We use tracks 9 -10 on the Uppsala Central Station
which lie in direct connectiion to the main line tracks of SJ, Upptåget, SL och Skandinaviska Jernbanor (Blå tåget), servicing Stockholm and most of Eastern Sweden.

In 2019, the regular traffic will start in the beginning of June. The last traffic days are in September.

Take the opportunity to become a member already now. Then you will have all the membership benefits already from the start of the traffic season.

The membership card gives you unlimited free travel on all trains announced to the public as well as on the veteran bus services to Fjällnora.

The membership cards for 2019 will be mailed out separately.

Please email any questions regarding the membership to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Membership dues 2019

Full paying member:  350:-

Will receive the journal Roslagsexpressen

Family member:  190:-

No journal. Same address as full paying member

Youth member:  200:- 
Up to age 20.

Will receive the journal Roslagsexpressen


How to become member

easiest by transferring the amount to the associations "bankgiro" 185-5907.

Don't forget to state name, address, year of birth and the requested type of membership.


Membership benefits:

  • You receive our journal Roslagsexpressen, 4 times per year

  • Free travel on regular traffic days, se this year's timetable

  • Possibilities to train to take on different jobs on trains and stations

  • Possibilities to get involved in different projects

  • An involvment over many years

  • Possibilities to meet a lot of people



For you who wants to become an active member:

  • Renovation and maintenance of locomotives and coaches, mainly at our workshops in Faringe 

  • Track maintenance along the line

  • Setting p and meintaining signalling installations

  • Maintenance of our stations and buildings

  • Marketing our railway and it's activities

  • Work in the trains and in the coffee shop in Marielund during traffic days and on days with special excursion and charter trains

You can become active in some areas and switch to other if you so desire. You can spend a lot of time or just a limited time to be an active member. That's your choice. Any help is greatly appreciated.