Midsummer celebration in Marielund Saturday June 22

Midsommar i Marielund
Midsummer in Marielund Photo: Marielunds Vänner


Steam train departs Uppsala Östra at kl 13:15 and arrives in Marielund at 13.45

Midsummer celebration starts at 14:00

Return train departs Marielund at 16.15 och arrives in Uppsala at 16.45

There are also trains from Faringe and intermediate stops earlier in the morning and back later in the afternoon. See the full timetable below.

Please Note: Membership cards cannot be used on these trains. They have to be paid separately. 

Timetable for Midsummer Day 22 juni.

Station Arrival Departure                               Station Arrival Departure
Faringe   11.15   Uppsala Östra   13.15
Moga x Skölsta 13.25
Almunge 11.35   Bärby   13.35
Lenna 11.47
Marielund 12.00 12.10   Marielund 13.45  
Bärby   12.17        
Uppsala Östra 12.40          
Station Arrival Departure   Station Arrival Departure
Marielund   16.15   Uppsala Östra   17.10
Bärby   16.21   Bärby   17.28
Skölsta 16.29
Uppsala Östra 16.45     Marielund 17.34 17.52
Lenna 18.05
        Almunge   18.17
        Faringe 18.35  
The trains stop on request at all stations and halts. Please give a clear sign if you want to board the train.