Our stations and destinations are:

Uppsala     Äventyr i Fjällnora
Länk till goavdventure och äventyrsbanan


Interesting places to visit along our railway line

Upsala-Länna Railway passes through a varying and beautiful landscape - over the Uppsala plains, through the dense Vedyxa forest, out into the open landscape South of the Funbo church, and along the inviting lakes Trehörningen, Lötsjön, and Långsjön, passing through the typical magical Roslagen forest before arriving at the Faringe station.

During the summer peak season there is a bus connection from Selknä to Fjällnora beach and recreation center. The Borgardalsbadet beach is within view from the line between Löt and Länna and is easily accessible by foot or bike along the Uppland trail.

The railway, the stations, and the halts are perfect starting points for shorter nature or culture walks but also for longer excursions by foot or bike on the network of paths and trails in the area. With a map in your hand, you have excellent opportunities to discover new interesting destinations. Bicycles as well as dogs travel for free on the ULJ trains.

Obviously, you can also travel with ULJ to Uppsala.

Next to our stations and halts there are several restaurants, coffee shops, and kiosks where you can have a nice meal or quench your thirst.


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